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Christopher Linger and Maricela Soberanes are principals at Up Plex Capital LLC. Accredited Real estate investors. Having built a personal portfolio valued at over $100M, they’ve created significant passive income for themselves and their investors by finding the best properties today’s market can offer. Maricela has a business degree and a successful medical service business since 2015. Chris has an MBA, twenty-seven years of active duty Navy services (ret), now full-time apartment syndicator.


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Our Assets

We strategically focus on a variety of asset types in order to create a strong and diverse portfolio of assets that can hedge against economic uncertainties. Creating safer investment opportunities for our investors.


Property Type: MF
Units: 194
COC: 7.70%
IRR: 23.50%
EM: 2.15


Property Type: MF
Units: 336
COC: 11.95%
IRR: 15.11%
EM: 2.48


Property Type: MF
Units: 179
COC: 5.50%
IRR: 20%
EM: 2


Property Type: MF
Units: 155
COC: 8.70%
IRR: 15-60%
EM: 1.8


Property Type: MF
Units: 138
COC: 8.90%
IRR: 15-60%
EM: 1.8


Property Type: MF
Units: 212
COC: 8%
IRR: 16%
EM: 1.8


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Reasons to Invest on Apartment Syndications: Cashflow vs Equity vs Appreciation

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Investing in apartment syndications has become an increasingly popular way for investors to grow their wealth in the real estate market. This type of investment allows individuals to pool their money together to purchase large apartment complexes, which are then managed by a professional syndicator. There are several reasons why investing in apartment syndications can […]

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