Immigrant and Entrepreneur

admin Wednesday June 16th, 2021

Through Real Estate Investing Maricela not only achieved Financial Independence but helps others reach their financial goals.

People often ask me how did I get started in the Real Estate Investing business? How do I increase my sources of passive income? What is the best way to get ahead of debt and become financially independent?


In this podcast episode as a guest, I share how I have done all of the above.  Arriving in the US 23 years ago at age 23, putting myself through school to earn a doctorate degree and start my side gig as a real estate investor, all this and more are shared here.

The keywords are mindset, survival mode, resilience, hungry for a better life, and perseverance. By sharing my personal story I hope to touch others’ lives, motivate them, and prove that they too can achieve it.  But motivation without action can be a never-ending circle.  People seek to be motivated but fail to take action which then requires more motivation to get back on track, you see the pattern. Take out the motivation you need out of this recording and go take action in your own life!! It is not about who has the biggest sob story, not a means to compare miseries or bad luck.  It’s about taking complete ownership of our actions and making that pivoting move that will change the end result of your life, you pick the end of your story. What can you do today to get to your desired destination?

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Become a Passive Investor

1This is part of the big plan to reach my goal: To increase the net worth of 50 medical professionals by 1Million through Real Estate Investing.

Happy investing my friends!

Maricela @ Up Plex



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