What does paying zero taxes mean?

admin Wednesday January 5th, 2022

From reaching the American dream to reaching my entrepreneurial dreams!

For over a decade, I have enjoyed providing anesthesia as my primary job. It has been gratifying not only to do what I love but also to do it while making it my business (working as an independent contractor, making my own schedule, & choosing my workplace), which gives me the flexibility to enjoy a balanced life.

While education allowed me to get started towards this balanced life, it could have been the factor that hindered my path toward a fulfilled and balanced life. After all, my net worth after completing grad school was negative $250,000.00 in 2019. My education was expensive, leaving me with a large amount of student loans.

My job requires me to be physically present to earn an income (not a profession that can be done remotely, as you can imagine). My income bracket is taxed at over 35% (for every dollar I make, I had to pay 0.35c for taxes).

I knew then that I needed to change those three things if I wanted to get a chance at having a truly balanced life, a life where I was in control of my time, a life with sufficient passive income to allocate my time to do things that I enjoyed and to make the difference in others’ lives. The first thing I did was pay off the student loans in 18 months. Yes, although challenging, not impossible.

This was yet, another mistake that most people do not realize. Knowing what I know now, I should have invested that capital passively and let the passive income pay for those loans (more on passive investing in another post). I also paid for my primary house (that is what most people work for their entire lives) (ough!). Again, I didn’t have anyone to tell me better (invest passively). Not to mention, I was working long hours and demanding shifts. This is another reason many medical professionals start late or never start investing (again, on a different post).

I then started to look for alternative sources of income from jobs/investments that didn’t require my presence to produce income. Real Estate Investing was the most feasible option for me. So, I started by educating myself in the business, hiring successful mentors, and surrounding myself with experienced performers who took the time to help me expedite the learning curve of investing in the Real Estate business. At the end of 2021, we co-own 1550 apartments in five different states. As we welcome 2022, we are under contract to purchase 921 apartments and have helped many investors reach or get closer to achieving their Financial Goals. We also have diversified and partnered with amazing partners to purchase self-storage facilities and mobile home parks.

My journey in Real Estate Investing has been a success, and it has provided me with passive income that exceeds the income from my primary job. It decreased my effective taxes burden from >35% to 16% in 2019 and zero in 2020 and moving forward as long as we actively participate in Real Estate related activities. Our businesses still pay a fair share of FICA taxes, franchise taxes, property taxes, and local ISD taxes, amongst others averaging at least five times more than what a full-time middle-class earner pays, but our business pays those taxes not me.

I no longer have all of my eggs in one basket, I no longer must be physically present to earn an income, and most importantly, my net worth is no longer in the negative numbers. I share this here, hoping that my story motivates you and inspires you to use the available resources, reach out to ask for help, and educate yourself on the options that exist for you too, like me, to have a balanced and fulfilled life.

I am personally committed to sharing my experience, resources, and network to help you reach your personal financial goals by investing passively in Real Estate. I hope my story empowers you to consciously decide to explore your options in wealth-building for you and your family. If you feel we can be a good match as investors, come and invest with me, I am not planning on losing money in Real Estate Investment. I plan to increase our net worth, our freedom of time, and our quality of life.


Happy investing my friends!


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