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admin Tuesday November 23rd, 2021

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I often say done is better than perfect. But sometimes is good to circle back up and double-check your own actions.

Well, here I was following on my own actions and discovered that our newsletters were not uploaded on this platform. Some of you might have received them if you are subscribed. Just in case you did not, here are the links for your reading pleasure.

JULY’s Newsletter

AUGUST Newsletter

SEPTEMBER Newsletter

OCTOBER Newsletter

Now that you are all caught up, we would like to share how grateful we are for our partners, residents, and all who have made the successes possible.

In the Real Estate business (like in many other businesses), the right team can make or break the deal. One of the most common questions we get asked is, How do you pick the market to invest in? Our answer often ends up talking about team strength. Having the right partnership is key to our success. We choose partners with a similar vision, mission, and values with similar goals and ambitions.

The more transactions we do, the easier it is to pick our partners, but it is always a work in progress; as we network and meet new people, we deepen established connections and build those relationships.

We hope you subscribe and continue to stay in touch. As always, we love hearing from you all, so let’s connect soon.

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Happy investing, my friends!

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