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admin 21 de agosto de 2021

Hello Up Plex family!!

Recently I came across a surgeon who, when I asked how his weekend was, he responded: “What weekend? I have been in the hospital covering calls for five days straight, totaling about five hours of sleep in those five years”. All I could offer right there was a piece of candy that I carry with me for situations like this.

There is nothing wrong with this surgeon. He is a skilled professional, has a beautiful family missing him at home, his patients adore him, and he has transformed many lives in his young career. That got me thinking, how else could I help without increasing his blood sugar and potentially harming his health. The conversation about Investing in the Real Estate Business came up before, and I was so tempted, almost obligated to share all I know, and that has worked for us to help him and his family lives a more balanced life (work, fun, wealth building). Of course, this wasn’t the place of time to do so. He closed the conversation by saying, “If I had more time, I would sleep more and spend more time with my family.” This scenario breaks my heart in so many ways.

Why is it that a brilliant person doesn’t feel confident and knowledgeable to make investment decisions? If he is working so much and helping society, he has to pay taxes (the more we make, the more we spend on taxes)?

So, right there and then decided that I would do all I can to make it easy to build confidence and get started investing passively. Over the years, I have been talking to people who see the Real Estate Investing business as a possibility for building wealth, reaching their financial goals, and living a more balanced life. However, when it comes to taking action, they find intimidated and overwhelmed by the terminology, the calculations, the market analysis reports, and simply delay taking action.

Since I have been sharing my success investing passively in Real Estate and becoming a co-owner of over 1,200 apartment units in five different states in less than nine months, I have received many questions and inquiries on how to do the same.

In this series of recorded conversations, we share those questions and their answers. Here we give a digestible and absorbable amount of information to get the audience thinking and formulating even more questions. We want to empower the audience with real-life questions and real-life deals. We share our portfolio, how we picked the deal, what we get out of the agreement, and how the deal is performing. Join us during a live session or watch the recording on our channel.

These calls do not offer financial advice, not solicits for investing, or advertise investing opportunities. You will have the chance to ask me (as a passive investor) any questions you might have (if attending the live session).

Here is the link: The Savvy Passive Investor-Basics

Visit us, connect with us, invest with us: We exist to elevate you!

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